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Thank You Very Much

To my family for always being there for me through life's ups and downs. 

To my Auntie Lily for all the love and care... your memories will always keep you alive.  

To Bro. Dante and Sis. Mely Armenta for all the prayers and to my little darling, baby Jonathan Armenta, you're such an inspiration to Tita Annie.

To Sir Anjun , thank you so much for being such a dear and wonderful friend to me. 

To my closefriends -- Glends, Len, Nela, Bel, kuYang and Bob for always being there for me through thick and thin... no matter what, when and where.

To my dear friend Cecille... thanks for everything.

To my friend Alan F. for making the logo - Annie's Homepage for me.  

To my WSSI and FPI friends for all the good times we've shared and for always keeping in touch.  

Last but not the least, to our dear Lord Jesus Christ for the gift of life and for the continuous blessings .    

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