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Letting Go... When Love Is Gone

When LOVE is gone... It's time to say goodbye... When you feel its already over...

Saying goodbye doesn't mean forgetting the person you've loved before.  It's the relationship, memories and hope that you should let go.  Goodbye doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  But instead it's a new beginning.  New challenges that's full of hope.  As if like you're looking on the other phase of your life.

Remember...  Life is wonderful and full of challenges and opportunities.  The only  thing you should do is how, when and where a decision must come up.  Don't let the memories stop you from seeing the sunshine again.  Just don't live your life to the shadow of your past.  Try to see the horizon of the future and you'll discover the
Wonder of Life.

How does one say goodbye to someone he/she has begun to love and care about, without the inflict pain?  How do we show a person that goodbye doesn't mean abandoning her/him?  That it only means we have to let go of a relationship if things don't work out any better anymore.  I guess there's really no easy way.

Goodbye  seems a concluding remark we have to speak when we leave someone behind.  It sounds so final.  And yet it is a heart-breaking reality we have to face somehow, someday no matter how dreadful it may be.

Letting go of those we deeply love and care about, for whatever reason often leaves as helplessly shattered.  But on the otherhand, clinging pointlessly to what has been.  Memories or relationships... usually isn't very good for us in the end.  But learning to have the courage to let go is a sign of GROWTH.  It is an indication that we are mature enough to know what we can do without and that we are ready to make room for what we really need in our next phase of our life.

Goodbye is a sad thing, but it is very real.  We have to face the fact that we all have to say goodbye sometime in our lives and there's no easy way of saying it.  That is why people often take off when they least expect it.  They just walk away because they can't figure a way of saying goodbye.

Some people think that it's holding on that make us strong;  sometimes it's letting go.

Yes, there's no doubt about it... parting gives us a lot of sorrow, especially if it is forever.  But then goodbye is really just another way of saying Hello.  We move on and on.  Goodbye may mean a lot more Hello's.  So we have to let go and we should know when to finally end up.

A chapter in our life to be able to give way for a new one.


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