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What's In Life

In life, there are two choices, to move forward or to stagnate. If you want to move forward, you have to turn your back from the past and face the present and future with your eyes open. You do no leave your other foot stuck in the past. If you do, you are immobilized and your failure will hold you back.  You are left to cope with "what ifs", "should haves," and piles of regret. Nothing changes and when you feel this way, you start to believe that nothing will change. If you sincerely want to change, you drop the anger, the pain, the disappointment and sad experiences behind you.

It is hard to leave the past.  It is difficult to forgive and forget the people who may have hurt you, but you mentally close the door of the past firmly behind you and open another door to freedom. When you leave your past behind, you don't carry over into your present life, a mental chart of the things or actions other people did to you.  You do not spend three hours a day wringing your hands and trying to understand why the unfortunate incident happended. You do not moan over the unfair judgement passed on to you. What you do, if you want to positively get even, is to make your life so succesful that your enemies will wonder how you recovered
so fast! As one writer says "Living well is the best revenge."

Our life is determined by the choices we make. We make or break our lives, sometimes we come out unscratched. Usually we don't know it is up to us to mend our torn selves and put them back to pieces. Only when this is done we can say that we are free from the negative, misleading past.  Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.


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