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Sometimes, when I look back and think
of all the "could-have-beens" in my life,
I often wonder: did I make the right choice?
did I miss a road sign?...
am I on the right track?...


They happen all the time --
saying goodbye to
some, choosing only one.
Letting go, holding on... settling for now, but
facing what must come... Yes, in life we
all reach a crossroad sometime.
We make painful decisions and take some risks
as we pursue our dreams.
But one should not stay at the
CROSSROADS too long.  For even the birds
have to leave their nests sometime
and learn how to fly. Life's road is long and
rough, and there are stretches when one
has to do it all alone.  And should you
meet the cross at the road, be consoled.
Yes, more often than not, the road less
traveled will surely bring you home.
Face the light and the shadow falls
behind you. Turn your back and the
shadow stays in front of you.  Indeed,
the truth hurts, but it will surely set
you free. The bitter pangs of parting
will give birth to another moment called growing.
So grow on... until it's time
for you to move on...and face the crossroads again,
knowing that God loves you
and is in control of everything.
Be strong at the crossroads.
Embrace the CROSS at the ROAD.
The Lord is at the cross, at the road,
at all your CROSSROADS...


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